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Ballarat workers are loyal, with many staying at the same organisation their entire working career.

Ballarat also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, consistently well below the state and national averages. Contributing to this is employee satisfaction and loyalty with high retention rates experienced across every sector.

Ballarat offers the opportunity for successful career development for employees and new residents. The business community encourages lifelong learning and professional development which is vitally important to address skills issues in a positive and proactive manner.



Ballarat has a diverse and highly skilled workforce, with more than 63 per cent of the labour force holding tertiary education qualifications, from certificates through to postgraduate degrees.

Level of Education Jobs
  Ballarat Greater Geelong Greater Bendigo Victoria
Certificate 12,770 25,788 13,674 570,730
Advanced Diploma and Diploma 5,404 11,975 4,828 317,020
Bachelor Degree 8,494 19,453 8,188 621,401
Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate 1,845 3,414 1,747 96,538
Postgraduate Degree 2,135 4,949 1,699 209,657


Qualifications comparison across Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Victoria

Source: Remplan 2018 Release 1



In 2018, 48,443 people were employed in Ballarat - an increase of more than 29 per cent from 2008 (Source: Remplan). The top five employment sectors include healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, education and training, construction, and manufacturing.

Jobs in Ballarat by sector

Source: Remplan 2018 Release 1

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