Affordable Housing – Ballarat West Growth Area




State Government - $38m contribution to Ballarat Western Link Road; $25m to Ballarat West Employment Zone (BWEZ) Stage 1; $1.6m to Lucas Community Hub

City of Ballarat - $5.1m to BWEZ; $2.65m to Lucas Community Hub

Private sector investments


Building Ballarat's West

Ballarat is one of Australia's fastest growing regional cities and the City of Ballarat is committed to planning for the city's future population.  By 2031, it is expected that 40,000 new residents will call Ballarat home, facilitating the need for investment in new housing, services and jobs.

Ballarat's West has been identified as a strategic location for residential, commercial and industrial development, and in the past few years the new suburb of Lucas, the Ballarat West Employment Zone (BWEZ), the Freight Hub, and the Ballarat Link Road have successfully advanced.

Local businesses, education and health providers and developers have welcomed the opportunity to invest in Ballarat's West.  The suburb of Lucas is taking shape with established residential housing and the town centre, and the new Lucas Community Hub will be delivered with funding from the City of Ballarat and the State Government.


Ballarat is experiencing significant population growth which is anticipated to continue over the coming decades. To accommodate this the City of Ballarat is advancing several priority projects.  These will provide local employment and business opportunities, and deliver infrastructure and transport upgrades in Ballarat’s major growth corridor; Ballarat West.

Priority Projects:

  • Ballarat West Growth Area
  • Ballarat Western Link Road 
  • Ballarat West Employment Zone


Projected positive population growth provides new opportunities to existing and new businesses and to investors. New residential developments are planned and underway in Ballarat West supporting Ballarat’s domestic construction industry, which remains a solid economic performer.

City of Ballarat’s Ballarat West Precinct Structue Plan, as part of the City's Planning Scheme, guides the growth within Ballarat West up to, and beyond, 2030. It will cater predominately for residential growth and has the capacity for more than 14,000 new households, accommodating a population of 35,000 to 40,000 people.

The Plan also provides for new town centres in Alfredton and Delacombe, community infrastructure, recreation and sports grounds, and direction for the development of a future residential community.

There is a very real need to enhance connectivity for Ballarat’s residents, now and into the future, and the Western Link Road is a key transport priority of the City of Ballarat.

It will ultimately provide a direct link from the Western Highway to the Midland Highway and will deliver major benefits along the city’s western growth corridor. The road will be a major north-south arterial road, which will service Ballarat West (including BWEZ) and the regional community.

Ballarat is one of Victoria’s largest economiesand one of Australia’s fastest growing inland cities with a population growth of 2.1% per annum. It is perfectly located; straddled in the midland arc of the Central Highlands, at the gateway to Western Victoria and within driving distance to Melbourne and the Geelong Surf Coast.

Not only does Ballarat offer superior and affordable residential housing, it is a liveable city with comprehensive health services, educational and sports facilities, cultural and community assets on par with Melbourne

Key features

14,000 new households to accommodate 40,000 new residents